Power Lift Industrial Vacuum Systems


Durovac® Continuous Duty Portable Vacuums With Intergrated Hopper

Central & Elevator Vacuum Systems

el and central front

Durovac® Central Vacuum System, Durovac® Elevator Series Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


Portable Industrial 
High Performance 
Vacuum Systems 

Vac Loader


Heavy Industrial Vacuum
Loading Machines
3 Phase & Diesel

Battery Litter Vacuum Self Propelled


Battery Electric
Urban / Indoor
Near Silent Waste Collector


Bulk Litter Vacuums Wheelin Bin Vacuums


litter master9000

High Performance 9000cfm
Diesel & 2 Stroke Vacuums
Leaf / Litter Machines

Gutter Cleaning Vacuums

gutter master vacuum cleaner

Contractor Grade
Gutter Vacuum 
Wet & Dry Vacuum

High Pressure Wash & Vacuum Systems

High pressure wash and capture systems

High Pressure Water 
Cleaner / Vacuum
Recycling Machines

Steam & Vacuum Machines

universal vap syeam machine

Dry Vapour
High Temperature
Steam & Vacuum Cleaners 

Dragin Compressed Air Drum Top Vacuums 

Compressed Air dragin pump

Pneumatic Drum Top 
Liquid Vacuum