• 3 bypass vacuum motors
  • 300cfm per min volumetric airflow
  • 10 metres of 2.5 inch smooth bore vacuum suction hose
  • Alloy clean from the ground kit with a 4.5 metre reach
  • Carbon fiber pole kit with a 3 to up to a 12 metre reach (optional)
  • 100 Litre drum trolley
  • Stainless steel 100 Litre waste collection container

vac master 1550 350x203

  • 3 phase 20 amp requirement
  • Powerful 580 cfm
  • Huge pulling power of -35 kpa
  • Seperate bulk capacity 205 Drum and Interceptor head
  • Up to 60 metre working capability
  • Available in 51mm or 63mm vacuum hose
  • Wet and dry capabilities
  • Continuous duty performance
  • Armortex Teflon filter
  • Optional castor wheels for skid


  • 1150mm x 750mm stainless steel skid chassis with dual forklift pockets
  • Triple high performance bypass vacuum producers
  • 560cfm per min volumetric airflow
  • Liquid level shut off float
  • 2 x 20 metres of 2.5 inch smooth bore vacuum suction hose
  • Assorted gutter cleaning tools
  • Laser cut large capacity hose reel
  • 205 Litre waste collection drum with liquid drain tap
  • Torini electric start engine
  • Worksafe approved RCS's
  • Drum tipper (optional supply)
  • Plastic bag collection of dry waste (optional supply)
  • Australian designed & manufactrured


  • Key Start 21 HP Vanguard VTwin engine driving a regenerative vacuum producer
  • 60m x lightweight industrial grade 63mm smooth bore vacuum hose
  • Various gutter vacuum tools
  • High liquid shut off valve (optional)
  • 205 Litre waste collection drum with cyclonic interceptor
  • Purpose made steel hose reel (optional)
  • Drum tipper (optional supply)


  • Key Start 23 HP Vanguard VTwin engine driving a Tuthill roots style vacuum producer
  • 60m x lightweight industrial grade 63mm smooth bore vacuum hose
  • Various gutter vacuum tools
  • High liquid shut off valve (optional)
  • Industrial vacuum relief valve
  • 12 Litre marine fuel tank with gauge
  • 205 litre waster drum with liquid drain valve with stainless steel cyclonic interceptor drum top head
  • Purpose made steel hose reel (optional)


14th December 2017

Urban Vacuum Solutions

Pro Vac has had industry-leading suction for the past 20 years and is equipped with the largest capacity bag in the industry. Proven to be 30% faster in debris cleanup compared to similar units.

This leaf and litter vacuum system has a 840mm wide vacuum head with a Vanguard petrol engine and a nozzle that automatically adjusts. Collect more debris and get the job done quicker with double the waste capacity of the nearest competitive unit. This unit has 30% more vacuum, and will enable you to get your clean up done in less time.


litter nl nov pro vac 2


This high volume bulk leaf/ litter vacuum has the highest reduction ratio in the industry and the most powerful suction available today. To achieve the highest reduction ratio in the industry of up to 15:1 we design our impellers with talon blades and toothed shredding capability.

A Square Discharge Chute keeps air and materials moving regardless if the leaves are wet or dry. This machine can vacuum up to 7,450 cfm of air volume that gives you 32% more suction than the competitive units.


litter nl nov debris loader 2

 litter nl nov pro vac 1    litter nl nov debris loader 1



Glutton is a self-propelled litter vacuum system that can be use effective on busy outdoors, indoors, Its integrated battery can be recharged anywhere, a 240v electric socket is all that is required. Thanks to its uilt in electric technology, Glutton is apable of proving an average of 10 hours of independent operation in normal usage between charges and requires
virtually no maintenance or replacement of spare parts. This machine can be
used anywhere and at any time, without causing noise and air pollution.


litter nl nov gluton 2


Litter Master 9000 is specially designed to provide rapid litter collection and clean up in car parks and along highways, roadsides, waste and recycling stations. The collection bag include in this machine is a low cost item that can hold up to 400 Litres of waste. Built tough to withstand harsh operating environments, the Litter Master 9000 has been designed with a focus on ease of use, easy emptying and minimal maintenance.


litter nl nov litter master 9000 2

 litter nl nov gluton 1    litter nl nov litter master 9000 1

 11th January 2018

Gutter Master Custom Designed Systems

 mobile trolley system







John needed each

component to be placed

on a separate skid with

rubber castors for moving

around large commercial sites



Fitted on to a single skid

system with lift points


Rick asked for a complete vacuum system to be designed and fitted on to a single frame with lifting points.


single skid system


enclosed portable system



Enclosed Van

Portable system


Marc need a modular system

that could fit in an enclosed

van and also easily be

removed when required



 19th January 2018

Diversify your business


Many residential small business service providers struggle to keep cash flow consistent due to not having a diversified service offering. In today's competitive service/repair market sector the saying


“Don't put all your eggs in one basket”


In our opinion this is how all small business should operate.


We see that the residential gutter cleaning service sector is in continual high demand. Why? We have an ongoing aging population who will no longer use a ladder to clean their own gutters, then we have the younger generation who are just too busy and outsource most residential maintenance requirements.


As Australia's leading manufacturer of Gutter vacuum cleaning systems, we receive more inquiries from companies looking at starting a lucrative gutter cleaning business using our professional industrial high-powered vacuum systems.


We are not a franchise operation and have been supplying professional machines and advice to local companies since 1999.


 diversify your business nl p1

 diversify your business nl 1530


diversify your business nl 2030

 diversify your business nl 1530

 1st February 2018

New for 2018!

Do you want a large waste capacity vessel of up to 1000 litres!


We can fabricate a high vacuum vessel with waste holding volume of 500 , 750 and 1000 litres, vessels can be supplied with an electro hydraulic tipping action or fixed angle welded to a platform frame.


gutter contractor nl jan 18 1000liter

Carbon fiber ground kit, vacuumthe gutter from the ground! 


ACS can now supply you with modular carbon fiber vacuum cleaning poles that can reach gutters up to 12 metres high from the safety of the ground. Each pole is 1.5 metres in length and weighs 350 grams!

 gutter contractor nl jan 18 carbonfiber pole


gutter contractor nl jan 18 gm2050 gm2030


Add our wireless camera and screen system to capture before and after photos for your clients.

 gutter contractor nl jan 18 cammera


Start Your Own Business

Own your own business and earn up to $100 per hour from residential gutter cleaning services.


gutter contractor nl jan 18 doller


Work Flexible Hours

Having your own business allows you to benefit from flexible work hours


gutter contractor nl jan 18 timesaving


Add To An Existing Business

Diversify your business for added security. Many plumbers, roof repair maintenance and service companies have expanded their business by adding gutter cleaning services.



gutter contractor nl jan 18 plus


New Ground Vacuum Tools

If you are engaged in the delivery of gutter cleaning services for Local Councils and or any State government institution you will more than likely be required to deliver the gutter vacuum

cleaning services from the ground. Our carbon fiber vacuum poles will solve this.



gutter contractor nl jan 18 safe


 9th February 2018

 Attention all Gutter Cleaning professionals

At the rate solar panels are being installed on residential properties, It is suggested that 1 in every 3 properties will have solar panels within the next 5-7 years. Have you thought of adding solar panel cleaning to your range of services?

 solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 1
Designed for use at residential, commercial and industrial sites. Want to use it on windows, too? No problems! You can use this package to clean windows and leave them spot and streak free.
 solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 2


solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 3

Compact extension poles that can be used for cleaning from ground level or taken up on the roof with you. Two brushes, one for quick cleaning of large surface areas and one for difficult to reach angles and cleaning at height. Hose valve so you can control water flow at your hip when up on the roof.


solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 4

If you are still considering getting into the gutter cleaning industry now is the time! Purchase a Gutter Master range, turnkey system complete on a trailer and including a solar/ window cleaning system. Chose from our Gutter Master 2030 or 2050 system that will fit on to a 8 x 5 single axle trailer or a 1 ton utility. Need finance? We can assist with low doc applications.