The most attractive commercial premises can be undermined by an unkept car park. The first place your customers see when they arrive at your establishment is your car park, and a poor first impression there can influence your entire corporate image. Applied Cleansing Solutions operate throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and can help ensure your car park presents the best possible image of your company.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Applied Cleansing Solutions has a team of professional cleaning operatives available to perform various car park cleaning services day or night. Equipped with the best industrial sweeping and scrubbing machines,mobile high pressure steam cleaning vehicles, water extraction machines and top quality cleaning chemicals, we can tackle the most difficult car park cleaning needs, no matter how big. From one-off cleaning services to regularly scheduled routine cleaning, ACS can tailor a car park cleaning package to suit your individual requirements.

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In today's competitive business environment, presentation is a key marketing tool for every, and visitors have learned to expect a high standard in cleaning.


Power scrubbing machines


Wide sweep mechanical machines

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Suction sweeping machines

A poorly maintained car park can also present costly liability risks to your company if oil spills or other messes present potential accident hazards to your visitors.

Routine, professional car park cleaning services help ensure your car park presents both a cosmetically flattering impression of your company, as well as a safe environment for your customers and employees. Regular car park cleaning and maintenance also proves to be a more cost-effective strategy than waiting until there is a noticeable problem. Proper, regular maintenance increases the longevity, safety and appearance of your car park.

Our Pressure Washing Vehicles:

  •   Have mounted pressure washers powered by diesel and don't require your mains electric.
  •   Have hotbox burners to produce hot water(Hot pressure washing/steam cleaning)
  •   Have mounted hose reels. Both high pressure and delivery water hosepipe to tank.
  •   Have 1000 Litre water tanks on board.
  •   Have Generators to supply power for lighting & wet & dry vacuums etc.
  •   Are equipped with an extensive range of graffiti removal chemicals to tackle any surface.
  •   Carry first aid and eye wash stations.
  •   Carry fire extinguishers.

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Who else can benefit from the Applied Cleansing “Solution”

  •   Sports Arenas/Stadiums/Grounds
  •   Theaters/Cinemas
  •   Concert Halls
  •   Schools
  •   Universities
  •   Hospitals
  •   Shopping Malls
  •   Government Buildings
  •   Libraries
  •   Zoos
  •   Amusement Parks
  •   Train Stations
  •   Airports
  •   Supermarkets
  •   Bowling Alleys
  •   Swimming Pools
  •   Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels


Power scrubbing machines


Power scrubbing machines

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So make sure your customers get the right first impression and call Applied Cleansing Solutions today 03 9769 1211